Articles for Network Graphs


Suppose there was a sales log dataset, stored in a very familiar tabular format, that contained the username, university, pet...
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Network Extractor

Virtualitics offers a network extractor tool to create network data from nearly any type of dataset you would normally load...
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Network Data Formats

Virtualitics supports several common network data formats to provide flexible ways to load your data into our software.

Network Insights

We have developed several network insights to provide further context to your networks.

Clustering Coefficient

Clustering coefficient is a metric that measures how close a node is to forming a clique with its neighbors.

Graph Distance

You can calculate both the closeness and betweenness centrality to interpret graph distance.

Shortest Path

We can find the shortest path between two nodes to understand how certain nodes are connected, as well as how similar they are.


PageRank is an algorithm that assigns a metric of importance to each node in the network.

Network Analysis Tools

We offer a selection of network analysis tools to obtain insights from your network graphs.

Network Settings

We offer several important options to customize the appearance of your network graphs.