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Version information and a link to the virtualitics webpage can be found in the About tab.


In the Annotations tab, visual settings relating to window transparency, line depth and annotation colors can be customized.


From the Avatar tab, you can preset your Avatar for VR mode. Note: Avatar tab will be disabled in a SVO...
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From the Audio tab, you can adjust your speaker and microphone volume level.  You can also set your input device...
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From the API tab, you can configure your API port and encryption key. You can also choose whether to launch...
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3D Objects

From the 3d Objects tab, you can edit settings relating to Mesh Colliders (disable this for better performance) as well...
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The Capture tab allows you to choose where to save and images, GIFs, or videos recorded using the Capture tool....
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The Network tab has options for the Shared Virtual Office (SVO) and for Proxy Configuration. Automatically Sync VR Status – Using...
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From the SQL tab, you can change the query timeout (default is 30 seconds, might need to be longer if...
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The Appearance tab offers many color selections, the first being the plot area background color. For Plot Colors, you can...
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From the VR tab, you can set your default Shared Virtual Office (SVO) environment in VR. The Avatar Height correction...
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The Maps tab allows you to change settings for both 2D Maps and 3D Globe. You can choose whether you...
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